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Monday, June 11, 2007

Share theatre with your friends.

Now, I know that a number of you out there, my fair readers, are patrons of the theatre. (Uh-oh, he called you "fair readers" instead of "piggies." He's going to ask you for something.) You are fully aware of the unparalleled experience of seeing a performance live - be it a comedy, musical, tragedy, or, as is the case with some of the best shows, some undefinable synthesis of all of the above. Even if you are movie lovers as well (as I am), or have a list of "can't-miss" shows on TV (as I do), you know that theatre is an incomparable experience to those other things, and that it is every bit worth whatever additional effort is required to seek it out and whatever additional expense (usually nominal) is prescribed.
Any arguments so far? I didn't think so.
Now, do you have friends who don't normally or ever go to the theatre? If you're like me, you may not have that many, but they are there, aren't they?
Do you think them too dull to appreciate a night of good theatre? They very well may be, but let's not assume, shall we?
Invite them with you to see a show. (You may have to go to a tractor pull in return, but come on, campers, this is for art!)
Now, if your cousin Ted's favorite movie is Talladega Nights, I wouldn't necessarily recommend that you take him to see Equus. However, a Ray Cooney farce may be just the thing to make his night. It just so happens that there are a few around town this summer.
Spotlight Theatre's Run For Your Wife is running at the West Colfax E-vents Center right now through June 30th. Since Ted will no doubt want to see more, Run will be followed by its sequel, Caught In The Net, at the same location July 14 - August 4th.
Miner's Alley Playhouse will also be presenting a Cooney gem, Not Now, Darling right after they close their current show, the highly-acclaimed murder mystery, Lobby Hero.
Your cubicle-mate, Stephanie, is a hopeless romantic, isn't she? Take her to see the charming story of Eliza DooLittle and Henry Higgins in Town Hall Arts Center's My Fair Lady.
Aunt Sophia's favorite thing to do on Thursday nights is to go to Bible study? Well, then Friday night, share with her one of the oldest Biblical tales brought to musical life in Performance Now's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat opening June 22nd. (And, hurry, this show is selling fast.)
If you take your friends or family to see a show, and they're just not into it, that's fine. (But you may be surprised.) At least you gave them the opportunity to be exposed to the world that you hold in such great affection. (And, who knows? You may actually enjoy the tractor pull.)
I believe that the world of theatre has something for everyone, and the Denver theatre scene is a pretty good microcosm of that. Check out the Colorado Theatre Guild's website to see what's going on around town this summer.
Support local theatre and share it with someone you tolerate.
Peace out, piggies.

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