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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Update on Henry Awards

I just received a comment from my friend Mari Geasair, an actress and "mover and shaker" in the Denver theatre scene and an active member of the Colorado Theatre Guild. She had a little more information for us about the "whys and wherefores" of the CTG decision to exclude some of the out-of-town companies. I found it a little surprising myself. It's in the comments section from two posts ago, but I feel that it warrants "front page" notice:

Well I agree with you that I personally would like to see Backstage and Lake Dillon and Creede eligible.

Please note however that the CTG made them not elligible AT THEIR REQUEST. Or at least after much discussion with representatives of those theatres and with the Artistic Director for Lake Dillon on the board for the CTG vigorously proposing that they should NOT be eligible.

The reason? They can't get critical mass of Henry Judges to actually go see enough of their productions becuase of the drive and they don't want to be eligible for awards they feel they cannot win.

I personally would like to see them eligible and would be happy to drive a carpool of judges up there to see the shows. But my opinion did not hold sway. So I am reporting my experience in an unofficial capactiy and reminding folks that, as always with these thigns, there are more issues at play than you might think about at first and the people you expect to have voted one way on an issue might in fact have voted another.

Thanks for the report and your comments!

Mari Geasair

Thanks, Mari.
Knowing Mari as I do, I have no doubt that she would, in fact, load the judges into a van and drive them up the mountain herself.
Well, there is truth in the saying, "it's an honor just to be nominated," and I think that there are a number of actors and designers who have been involved in those productions over the divide, who, win or lose, would have appreciated the opportunity to at least receive a nomination. I'm not sure their voices were heard when their respective theatre companies made this decision.
Personally, I like the carpool idea myself. I hope that the CTG and the involved theatre companies will keep the possibility open for future award years.

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