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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Save the World Saturday: My Brother's Cause

Yes, Mom did
always like him
best, too.
I had a long conversation with my younger brother Damon this morning. Damon lives near where we grew up in Durango, Colorado, and, until recently, he has existed outside of the internet world for the most part. Well, he's got a computer now, and he will soon be hooked into the internet full-time. Today I was urging him to start a blog. In addition to being the better-looking one, the smarter one, and the funnier one, Damon is also the one of us who has a seemingly unlimited knowledge about dogs and dog behavior. I learn something that I didn't know every time that I speak to him, and I think that his experiences and insights would make for a fascinating blog for dog lovers and animal lovers in general, so I hope that I am able to convince him to do it.
I know that it would give him an opportunity to tell you about some of his favorite dog organizations as well, like Annie's Orphans in Durango that he was telling me about today.
Annie's is a no-kill shelter that relies heavily upon donations to stay in operation.

So please support Annie's Orphans and I'll keep you posted about my success in getting my brother to start a blog.

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