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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: You Will Be Assimilated

Today is Jeri Ryan's birthday, and, while most people know what a beautiful actress she is, not everyone knows what a beautiful singer she is as well. Here is a clip from what looks like a TV show or TV movie of Ms. Ryan belting out the standard, "Amazing Grace." (I'm not sure what the show is. If you know, chime in.)

Happy Birthday, Jeri!
Today is also the birthday of Frederic Chopin, the famous 19th-century composer and virtuoso pianist. Here is a modern virtuoso, Li Yundi, playing one of Chopin's best-known and most-beloved compositions, Nocturne Op.9 No. 2.

Finally, I would be remiss on the tunes-oriented day of my blog if I didn't also point out that today is also the birthday of Broadway diva Lea Salonga, who is known best for Miss Saigon. Here, for fun, is what appears to be her original audition or callback for the musical.

How cool is that?
Happy Tuesday, gang.

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