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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wildlife Wednesday: Animal Lovers

I found this fun quiz that the Bronx Zoo is offering online to find the type of animal you are as a partner. It's really just a lark (no pun intended), so I wouldn't take the results with you to your next couples' counseling session, but it is a fun way to incorporate animal conservation into an otherwise highly commercial holiday.
For added fun, you could take your result and hop on over to the World Wildlife Fund and adopt your animal identifier as a gift for your special someone. (My result was a Nile Crocodile. It's probably best that I'm currently unattached.)
I decided to look into a few other zoos to see what they are doing to capitalize on the holiday. Here, the Denver Zoo is suggesting its own animal adoptions for your loved one as well as their cool wild impressions. Also, kids can download valentine cards featuring some of the Denver Zoo's residents to give away at school.

The St. Louis Zoo is offering an adopt a giraffe Valentine's Day special in honor of their latest newborn reticulated giraffe, Desi, who was born in September.

What's your local zoo doing for Valentine's Day? I'll bet they're doing something. You should check it out.

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