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Thursday, December 14, 2006

And so it begins . . .

Welcome to my blog -- derived from the words "web log" for you more curious types. (Relax, I'm one of you. Make yourself at home.)
The genesis of this blog is a more or less weekly e-mail that I sent out to friends in the Denver, Colorado theatre community about shows that I had seen and would recommend, and other theatre-related information. And when I say "friends," I mean: "people who did not block my e-mails."
After a few months of receiving my e-mails, one of the the recipients (victims, injured parties, whatever) suggested to me at a party that I should start a blog. Naturally, I said, "Well, same to you, buddy!" Then he explained to me what a blog actually was, and I apologized for hitting him with a salmon puff.
Now, at first, I couldn't imagine that there were that many people who were actually reading my e-mails, so I thought a blog seemed a bit presumptuous. (Even for me.)
Around the same time, however, I started to have people come up to me at theatre events and such and say, "So, you're Brady Darnell," and they weren't following it immediately with, "Somebody call security!"
So, I sent out a query e-mail to my list about starting a blog, and the response was a resounding, "Yes!" contrasted with only one, "Seriously! I will get a restraining order!"

So, let the blogging begin! (Am I the only one who thinks that sounded dirty?)


erica said...

I'm glad to see the blog online. I'll leave the techno-babble to Jeff and explain how to get people to subscribe to the feeds, etc.

Looking forward to more of your ramblings, er, insights!

Lauren said...

well well...a blog for mr. darnell....i'm excited. :)