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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hangin' out with the PHAM'

I spent this last Sunday afternoon over at Braun's Pub and Grill at the PHAMALy Holiday party. (I was invited. No, really, I was. I have the invitation right here.)
PHAMALy's production of Our Town will be playing in January over at the Aurora Fox Theatre. Those of you who've visited my website already know all about this, but it's worth mentioning again. Many of the Our Town cast was there, and I got to to talk to some of them. (At least those whom I could sneak up on.)
I talked to the fetching Regan Linton who will undoubtedly be delightful in the role of Emily Webb. Leonard Barrett talked to me a bit about playing the Stage Manager, but we quickly slipped back to talking about his performance in Bas Bleu's The Dresser this fall. (If you saw it, wasn't it great? If you didn't: nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!) Also, attention theatre companies: Leonard Barrett wants to do The Great White Hope. Soon. We also talked about another show he wants to do, but as it is also one of my favorites, I'm going to be a bit stingier with that one. (Hint: A musical derived from an Odets play. Not Two By Two.) Jason Dorwart, board member and organizer of the event has been juggling law school finals with rehearsals in his role as Editor Webb. Jason is more than up to the task, though, I assure you. I saw co-director Nick Sugar for just a moment but didn't get a chance to talk to him. I tried. I chased him for almost six blocks. That guy can run.
Teri Westerman (Farmer McCarthy) and I talked for a while about her stepping down from the board after nearly seventeen years. She was a founder of PHAMALy, and, until just last night, the board chair. I know it was a difficult decision for Teri, but she felt that it was just time for a change, and she's looking forward to focusing on her dancing and choreography. She will, of course, stay very involved with PHAMALy as a performer.
Since the Denver Post Ovation Award nominations came out on Sunday as well, I thought I'd mention the nods given to the PHAMALy, um, family.

Nick Sugar, nominated for Theater Person of the year.
Donna Debricini (and band), nominated for Best Band for THAC's Cabaret.
Juliet Villa, nominated for her breakout role as Dorothy in PHAMALy's The Wiz.
Leonard Barrett, nominated for the title role in The Wiz.
Debbie Stark and Cindy Bray, nominated for choreography for The Wiz.
The irrepressible Mallory Kay Nelson, nominated for costumes for The Wiz.
Charlie Packard and Jennifer Orf, nominated for lighting for The Wiz.
And Todd Debricini received a special nod for the make-up effects in The Wiz.

Congratulations to you all, and if you'll excuse me for a moment, I just wrote "The Wiz" six times in succession, so I need to go use the bathroom.

Okay, I'm back.
Congratulations to all Ovation nominees, and, if I can take a moment to mention some individual friends in particular (of course I can, it's my blog.): Congratulations to Kitty, Elgin, Michelle, Megan, Emily, Chris, Adam, Juliet, Nick, Terry, Leonard, Michael, Charlie, Jen, other Jen, Mal, Debbie, Cindy, Melissa, Juliana, Gene, Beth, Todd (et al), and Donna.

Back to Our Town, Jeanne Kloosterman, the Volunteer Coordinator for PHAMALy ( needs volunteers for the January tech week and production dates. It's really quite fun.
Yeah, Yeah, I know what you're thinking, "Brady volunteering?" but let me assure you: I was just there to meet chicks. All is normal with the world.

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ali said...

if that email for Jeanne bounces back, it's entirely my fault.

but it shouldn't. it really shouldn't. if people complain to you that it is, have them email me instead.