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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hungry Like The Wolf 12/26

I suppose I could have called this, "The Better to Eat You With, etc.", but I just heard that Duran Duran will be putting out a new album soon, so I was "inspired." (Come on, Flock of Seagulls! What are you waiting for?!)
Anyway, in case you haven't surmised, I thought I'd tell you all about a dining discovery I made yesterday. About the only restaurants open on Christmas Day are Vietnamese and Indian, and I found a great Indian place when I came out of the Chez Artiste yesterday after seeing a terrific movie, Sweet Land, which I mentioned in my previous entry.
India Oven.
I was a bit late for the buffet (which I will have to go back and try sometime), so I had the Chicken Masala. The food is great, the portions are big, the prices are nice, and the hosting and waitstaff are friendly and fast. I had a great meal and a really nice time.
Now, I tend to have a somewhat adventurous palate, so take that into account if you're not one for trying the exotic. (I've branched out a bit from constructionally-challenged swine and dim-witted little girls and their grandmothers.)

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