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Friday, December 22, 2006

Snow? What snow?

Hello, my snowy little piggies, I hope everyone made it through the blizzard more or less unscathed. I know that you must have been terribly worried about your Big Bad Wolf over the last couple of days, but fear not. A young lady in a red cloak invited me to stay warm by her fire. (Her grandma was apparently away vacationing in Orlando.)
For those of you flat-landers reading this blog, check this out.
An added tale: as I was walking back from the grocery store Wednesday night, I spotted a poor fellow hopelessly spinning his tires in a snow bank. I set down my groceries and walked over to give him a push. (Oh, what? If you all can take off of work because of the blizzard, I can take one day off from villainy. Besides, he was in my way.) After much shoving, we moved to shoveling, and we got his car pretty well dug out. (This was exceptionally interesting because my stuck new amigo spoke not one word of English, and what little Spanish I possess does not contain words or phrases like "stuck", "snow", "shovel", or "your tire is on my foot.") Then, to my surprise, he reached into his car and pulled out a large container of salt -- table salt -- and proceeded to sprinkle it all around his tires and in his intended path. Given our language barrier, and the fact that it was mucho frio, I elected not to tell him that what he really wanted was rock salt and simply gave him a "thumbs up." Whether it was because of the condiment-spreading or the significant bending of my spine, in a matter of moments, his little car was happily on its way (probably to the next snow bank.)

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