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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Yep, I'm that guy.

You know that friend you have who always seems to find some way of making a scene or embarrassing you when you're out in public? You all have one, you know you do. Well, last night as I was looking at a room full of puzzled faces, and my friend was trying to figure out how to discreetly crawl under her chair, I hit upon a realization: I'm that guy.
You see, I was at a show last night. (It's closing as I'm writing this, so I won't bother telling you what it was. That would make me a tease.) At intermission, someone from the box office came out to give something to one of the patrons, and called out his name, but no one answered.
"Randy Baker? Is there a Randy Baker here? I'm looking for a Randy Baker! Does anyone know a Randy Baker? I'm trying to find a Randy Baker!"
I let this go on for about twenty seconds (remarkable restraint for me) when finally I could contain myself no longer.
I sat up in my seat and said," Would you settle for a horny sous chef?"
Yeah, I'm a menace.

Thanks for the feedback on the new blog, gang. I'm noticing that a lot of you are electing to e-mail me directly (those of you who have my e-mail) rather than chiming in on the comments section here. I don't know if that's because you don't want to publicly endorse my site (Hey, I don't blame you. Guilt by association and all that.), or if it's because you're required to register with in order to leave comments, and would rather not. Well, the registration requirement is a default setting that I have the option to change, so I'll go ahead and do that now.
Enjoy yourself, support local theatre, and, if Randy Baker is reading this: Dude, my bad.


ali said...

well, at least you enjoyed the show! But I would've been embarrassed to be associated with you if I'd heard this story.

BTW, I've syndicated your feel over on Livejournal if you know anyone else who'd rather read over there. I know you don't know what that means, but you can tell people you're onebigbadwolf there now too.

Audree said...