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Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's it all about?

Some months ago, I saw a really terrific show (Bat Boy: The Musical) by a small theatre company (Boulder Broadway Company), and I felt that the size of the audience was unequal to the strength and quality of the show. Most of the major newspapers in the area won't review a show unless it runs at least three weeks (and often not even if it does), and the smaller papers don't have the distribution to get the word out. Having produced a show or two myself, I know that by the time you've paid for costumes, sets, the facility (big moolah), and the royalties (really big moolah), there is basically no money left in the budget to pay for advertising and promotion. Now, most actors worth their salt are devoted enough to their craft that they'll put on a show for an audience of three and put their whole hearts into it. I just think that they shouldn't have to do so, when there are plenty of people in the Denver area that love to see a good show. And this was definitely a good show, so I went home after the performance and sent an e-mail out to as many people as I could, saying "See this show!"
My hope is that this blog will continue to get the word out about quality Denver-area theatre that may not be getting the press that it deserves.
I want to be clear about something, though. I'm not doing this to write negative reviews. If I don't like a show that I see, I just won't mention it here. The point is to support quality local theatre, not to show how well I can skewer a bad production. (For that, you'll have to catch me at a party after two or more peanut butter bars.)
My plan is to limit this blog to recommendations only. And, to include those of you outside the Denver area, I will also share recommendations about music I'm listening to, books I've read, and movies I've seen. And from time to time I may share a funny story or experience that I think might interest you.
That's my intention here, but it's also my intention to stay flexible, so let's just see how this goes.
Oh, and here's a game that my friend Billie Jo is addicted to at the moment. Turn up the sound, it's funny. (I'm not big on video games, but I've watched it.) I think it's called just "Penguin," but I call it Launch of the Penguins.

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