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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic!

Or not.
In an era where some of the most popular movies are either completely or just mostly computer animation, many great acting performances are heard rather than seen. I don't know if there is anything really wrong with this, but then again I don't know that there isn't, either. It's one of my "ponderables."
I'm on the fence about it; just as I am on the fence about whether elaborate, motorized sets make for better musicals. It doesn't seem to me that they do, but I cannot deny that they can enhance the experience almost as often as they detract from it.
But what about the motorized ingenue?
That thud you just heard was me falling off the fence.


Kendall said...

Well, my opinion is that as long as the CGI is done the way James Cameron did it in Avatar, you DO see the acting as well as hear the actors. However as was the case with Andy Serkis's phenomenal performance in the Lord of the Rings movies, the actors of Avatar were largely ignored for the awards season.

Once the "Industry" learns what is involved with the CGI performances such as Avatar, they will begin to accept them as Oscar-worthy. When The days of "easy" voice-over work may be numbered!

Still, a lot of people are just dismissing Avatar as “Just another CGI movie.” That is wrong and I challenge anyone to see it and then make that comment!

Anonymous said...

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