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Sunday, February 21, 2010

NTC Coming to an End

The Denver arts community is still reeling from the surprising news today that the Denver Center for the Performing Arts will be phasing out its National Theatre Conservatory over the next two years as a budgetary concern. Current students will be permitted to finish the three-year program, but no new students will be admitted. Many hopefuls to the program (among them local favorite Regan Linton) were looking forward to their callback in March, which now will not happen.
John Moore covers the story in greater depth here.
Having recently re-read David Mamet's thoughts on the acting profession in True and False, I find that I am of mixed emotions about the matter (though I am unambiguously disappointed for my friend Regan).
If I'm not mistaken, this will leave Colorado without an MFA program in theatre. Will this be a blow to the Denver theatre community or a kick in the pants to the higher education institutions around the state?
Perhaps both.


Jenn said...

Well Naropa has an MFA in Theatre, but it's not acting-centered like the DTC was--it's more physical-theatre based. But it is an MFA.

Brady Darnell said...

Oh, that's right. Naropa only phased out half of its MFA Theatre program last year. They still have the in-house part.
Still, I think there's an opportunity for other programs to step up.
I'm also not sure why DCPA saw no middle ground between a tuition free program and no program whatsoever.
If people would just ask me before they do this kind of stuff. . .