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Monday, February 1, 2010

Chew On This

I may be one of the few people who finds this kind of stuff fascinating, but just in case I'm not:
What Shakespeare's audiences snacked on.
And to that end, I'd like to hear from you all on the subject of food and drink being allowed into the theatre during performances. Is it worth the extra clean-up time to make some money at the concession stand? As an audience member, are you more likely to go see a show if you know you can munch on some popcorn during the performance?
What about liquor? Too much trouble or worth the trouble?

1 comment:

Kendall said...

Personally, I hate the thought of food in a theater. Pop-corn in a movie is one thing... because a movie is loud enough to drown out the cattle-with-cud sounds of the audience. In a show, it would be horrendous. And it would give the audience something to throw should the production be less than entertaining.

I do, however, approve of alcohol and light fare in the lobby!

It is interesting to learn that oysters were a "food of the poor" back then. The same with lobster here in America.

Thanks for the lesson!