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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Save the World Saturday: Small Wonder

As I said earlier this month, October is an awareness month for a number of causes. Breast Cancer Awareness is the most prevalent, with pink ribbons everywhere you look throughout the month. Domestic Violence Awareness also falls in October, signified by purple ribbons (slightly usurped this month by the adoption of purple for anti-bullying against LGBT teens in light of the many suicides recently). As a strong advocate for dogs, I also could not ignore that October is also Dog Adoption Month.
With one more day left in this month, I have one more opportunity to highlight another of the many October causes. I decided to pick one that is really kind of "off my radar," because I think it may have been off yours as well. It is however, a very important one to a lot of people, and, after some research, has become an important one for me as well.
October is Dwarfism Awareness Month.
Here is a video from 2007 that I found very informative from KMIR Channel 6 in Palm Springs:

Here's a link for The Painted Turtle camp mentioned in the video.
By the way, in July 2009 The Little People of America made a public statement declaring use of "the m-word" to be offensive to the dwarfism community and have filed complaints with the FCC regarding use of the word on television and radio. Whatever the FCC decides, I have elected to remove the word from my vernacular, and I encourage you to do the same as it is has been deemed offensive to and by the individuals to whom it refers.
Here is another video that I found very interesting:

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