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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Superhero Sunday: Stars and Stripes

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the new live-action Captain America movie starring Chris Evans set for release in 2011, but I'm just not sure how I feel about it.
As cool as Captain America is in the comic book world (and he's pretty darn cool), there's just something about a guy who calls himself Captain America and fights bad guys with a shield that doesn't translate well to from the page to the screen - or at least it hasn't thus far.
The two Captain America movies of the seventies were made for television (and look it), and studio executives seemed unsure of just how to update the good Captain for action audiences of the time. Well, a motorcycle was introduced, and a motorcycle helmet became a completed part of the costume for beefy Reb Brown as the titular hero. I don't know, you be the judge:

Then in 1990, a more traditional take on Captain America hit theaters (just not any in America) with a decidedly low-budget movie from B-movie director Albert Pyun. This time, the shield was handed over to thespian Matt Salinger, previously known as . . . one of the jocks in Revenge of the Nerds.This one might have had a chance in the right hands and with a little money behind it, but it just doesn't quite cut it.
I actually happen to like Ronny Cox, Ned Beatty, and Darren McGavin, but if those are your headliners for a "blockbuster" superhero movie, you're in trouble.

I guess, we'll just have to see what the Marvel Studios come up with this time, but until then, there's always:

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