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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Superhero Sunday: Big Ugly

"I never forget a face, but in 
your case I'll make an exception"
Groucho Marx 

This big fellow is called Kilowog, and, as you may be able to tell from the costume, Kilowog is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. 
If you didn't know that that there was more than one Green Lantern, that's okay. I'll cover that in just a moment. If you don't know what a Green Lantern is, welcome to the internet and congratulations on your new computer. By the way, that thing you're using as a cupholder is actually meant for playing DVDs. You're welcome. 
The Green Lantern Corps is essentially an intergalactic police force in the fictional universe of DC comics. Hal Jordan - who will be played by Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Green Lantern movie - is the "agent" covering sector 2814, which includes Earth. There are many other sectors in the galaxy and many other Green Lanterns. These keepers of the peace use specially-powered rings emitting green light to maintain order in the universe.
Kilowog, of the planet Bolovax Vik, was a genetic scientist and a rookie training in the Green Lantern Corps when the training facility is attacked. Kilowog fights valiantly, saving the lives of many Lanterns and is soon fully inducted into the Corps.
Kilowog figures heavily into most Green Lantern Corps stories, I think, because comic book artists have so much fun drawing the big guy. Interpretations of Kilowog's "unique" features vary greatly from artist to artist. A few photos of a Kilowog mask have been circulating on the internet, but there is not a character listing for him on for the 2011 movie. This suggests that Kilowog will be in the movie, but he probably will remain in the background.
I think that's too bad.
He's a big hero with a big heart and proof that you don't have to be a pretty boy to be a comic book icon.

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