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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday: Only Human

A baby monkey cuddling a blanket. You're welcome.
I was looking at the above photo of little Marvin the spider monkey on the Zooborns website this morning, and it made me think of the photo below of little bonobo baby Likemba enjoying a snack.
What makes both of these photos so great is the level of humanity evident in the expressions of these adorable youngsters.
Wait. Humanity? Isn't it interesting how we are so quick to associate an expressive, soulful look as the unique domain of we humans?
Perhaps Marvin is showing his monkeyness or little Likemba is demonstrating her bonobo-ity.
Aren't we a little arrogant to claim any depth in their expressive little eyes as a human trait?
I rest my case.

I don't know. I think about these things some time.
For further similarities between ourselves and others in the primate order, check out this video from the BBC about monkeys with a taste for alcohol:

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