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Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Film Buff: Get Along Little Dagesh

If you're looking forward to Jon Favreau's new sci-fi adventure, Cowboys and Aliens, you might be interested to know that it won't be the first time we've seen Harrison Ford up in the saddle in the Old West. Ford also played cowboy bandit Tom Lillard in a clever little comedy from 1979 starring Gene Wilder called The Frisco Kid.
Dirty Dozen director Robert Aldrich tells the story of Avram Belinski, a Polish rabbi sent to a synagogue in San Francisco. Unfortunately, he ends up on the wrong coast of America and has to traverse the wild, wild west to get to his destination. Along the way he gains the reluctant partnership of a would-be bank robber, played by Ford.
As a fan of both Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder, I was already set up to love this movie, but I think you may get a kick out of this comedy adventure yourself.
As a teaser, look at this quick scene from the film:

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