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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Superhero Sunday: Casual Hero

One of my favorite guilty-pleasure movies also includes one of my favorite actors: the late John Ritter. I sometimes wonder if his staying too long with the character that made him famous - the accident-prone Jack Tripper in the increasingly silly Three's Company - is what prevented Ritter from becoming a leading man on the big screen of the caliber of Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton, or Richard Dreyfuss. He certainly possessed the charisma and comic timing, in my opinion.
Anyway, the movie is called Hero at Large, and Ritter is at his all-American-good-guy best as Steve Nichols, an earnest but out-of-work actor reduced to making public appearances in costume to promote the blockbuster movie Captain Avenger. On the way home from one of these gigs, Steve comes across a robbery at a corner store. Still in costume, he disrupts the robbery and saves the day.
From there, Steve gets a little caught up in the idea of being a real-life hero with some scary - and funny - consequences, and somewhere in there we get a nice, feel-good message about what it means to be a real hero.
It's a fun movie, and it speaks to every person who ever grew up wanting to be a superhero.

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