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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday: Birthmarks

Back on September 19th, the Oregon Zoo had a single baby cub born to their breeding pair Chinook (mom) and Paiute (dad). Baby cougars are born with spots at birth in order to keep them camouflaged, and the spots disappear as the cub gets older.

The staff at the zoo decided recently that the as-yet-unnamed, six-week-old, female cub was showing enough bravery that she could be exhibited to the public starting this Thursday, November 11th.

If you're in the Oregon area (the zoo is in Portland), I think you should take advantage of this rare opportunity to see a still-spotted cougar cub up (fairly) close and in real-life.
The rest of us will have to just make do with the video and photos over at the ZooBorns website.

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