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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday: Monkey Party

Macaques at a hot spring in Japan.
For contrast today, I am going to show you a video from National Geographic about an animal that is decidedly not endangered: the macaque. Macaques are the second largest primate genus in the world (humans are the first) ranging from Japan to Afghanistan and into North Africa.
In the town of Lopburi, Thailand, the macaque are quite literally revered and lavished upon with food - particularly during the Lopburi Monkey Festival at the end of November every year.

Now, I'm sure you have seen YouTube video of people who have a macaque as a pet - I've even seen it first-hand myself. While I've already made known my personal opinion on wild animals as pets, I would like to point out to those among you who would ignore that advice that macaques are notorious carriers of the herpes B virus, which can be potentially deadly to humans. Just so you know.

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