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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Film Buff: Hustled

You know those movies that just seem to come out of nowhere, have a plot that is unlike anything you've ever seen, and have actors playing unexpectedly against type?
Well, today's selection is not one of those movies.
Still, it's one of my favorites.

Now, I used to think that part of my affection for Diggstown was the fact that I got to see it with Lou Gossett Jr. sitting one row ahead of me. (Breckenridge Film Festival.) However, subsequent viewings have solidified this film for me as just great movie-making. Oscar-worthy? Maybe not, but that isn't the only measure of a good film. Gossett, James Woods, and Bruce Dern play the types of characters that made them famous and they play them extremely well. The movie takes us on enough twists, turns, and double-crosses that it's worth the ride, and in the end . . . well, you'll just have to see it for yourself.
This film is also known as Midnight Sting, an allusion to the Newman/Redford classic The Sting. I think this film is a fitting homage to that film and a strong contender for one of the better con-game movies out there.

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