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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Motivator: Defining Success

I have missed a few blog entries over the last week or so (five by my count, and I know that I'm the only one counting.) I'd love to offer an excuse that involves my rescuing a sinking ship full of puppies, baby harp seals and Ukrainian bikini models, but, in truth, it is simply . . . just regular, mundane stuff. As a man who has never posted a picture of his meal on his Facebook page nor used his Twitter account to complain about not having my morning coffee, I also won't clutter my blog with my bad days.
I will make up for those missing five days. I know that it is not of great concern to you, but blogging is a conceited venture, and 31 entries in 31 days is my own conceit.
Today is Monday, so I wanted to share with you a speech from one of the greatest motivators of the last century: John Wooden, one of the NCAA's most successful basketball coaches. Wooden coached his players to excel, not necessarily to win. (Though they frequently did.)

Have a grand Monday, cherubs. I think I spy a sinking ship in the distance, so I must dash off . . . as soon as I finish my coffee.

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