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Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Motivator: Perfection

I am always very moved by the story that I like to call "Shaya at the Bat," and Wayne Dyer included it in his book, The Power of Intention. In this video, Dr. Dyer reads the story to a live audience.

Everyday in our lives, we strive toward some level of perfection: perfection in our jobs, perfection in our relationships, and perfection in what we create. Often, that perfection is an image we've seen in a movie somewhere (a fictional movie), and we're not even sure how satisfying it will be if we ever manage to get it. What's more, we find ourselves engaging in a lot of less-than-perfect behavior in our pursuit of those images.
In the story of Shaya, we are exposed to a different idea of perfection. Nine of those boys lost a game that they could have won. The perfection they sought when they put on their cleats that day was not the perfection that they got. They got something better.
What I get from Shaya's story is that perfection doesn't have to be some light at the end of the tunnel - some far-off goal that must be achieved. Perfection can be in the flowers and shiny pebbles along the way, and our own perfection can be in the way that we appreciate those things when we come upon them.
I'm not saying to you that you should give up on your dreams and goals, I'm just saying to find some perfection today, too. It's there if you look for it.

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