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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Theatre Thursday: Revelations

Yesterday was dance legend Alvin Ailey's birthday. He would have been 80 years old. Though Ailey himself passed away in 1989, he is very much alive in the body of dance he created during his lifetime. I'm not going to write a lot of biographical information here or even attempt to describe his breathtaking style and enduring message through dance. You can go to Wikipedia or do a Google search for that. I thought it more appropriate to allow the legacy of Alvin Ailey to speak for itself, as it always has: through dance.

The above video is from, I believe, a 1982 performance of Ailey's groundbreaking Revelations. The uploader andithankyou2 has also put the other sections on their YouTube page along with many more examples of great dance performance.

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