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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Save the World Saturday: Alternatives

I read recently that on Black Friday in 2009, retailers took in over $10 billion dollars in sales - just on that one day. I wonder what people bought for their loved ones on that day? I know! Clean drinking water! That's a big one around the holidays. Medicines, too. Medicines are a popular gift. Also, notebook paper and pencils is always a great gift idea. Or maybe people spent that money helping sexually-exploited young women to get off the streets and learn a vocation. Or maybe they bought a goat for the impoverished family down the street so that they could have milk daily to nourish their children.
So, what cool gift did you get last year?

Oh, sorry. Well, at least it wasn't a chia pet.
Say, can I make a suggestion?

That commercial ran in the UK a few years ago, but the World Vision alternative gift catalog is available in the U.S. and online. Child sponsorship is, of course, always an option as well.

Ten billion dollars spent last year - on one day. How much of what was bought is sitting in someone's closet gathering dust right now? Why not give a gift that really means something this year?
Just a thought.

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