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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wildlife Wednesday: The Quick Brown Fox Jumps

The snow hasn't quite found its way to Denver yet, and it's looking like it may be something of a grey Christmas here in the Mile High City. I lived many years in the mountains, so it's a bit unusual for me not to have a blanket of white to go along with the Christmas carols playing in the stores. While I'm not a huge fan of shoveling the stuff, it sure looks pretty on a winter's morning.
One of my favorite things about snow, though, is watching how animals act in the snow. Growing up on a farm, it was always a kick to watch the horses go roll around in the fresh snow, the dogs jumping into snowdrifts, and the cows, well, okay, cows don't do much. (Calves do kick up their hooves a bit in the fresh powder, though.)
Wildlife is even more interesting in the snow, and, when I lived up in Summit County, I was lucky enough on several occasions to witness the unique hunting style of a fox in the snow.
Check out this video from BBC2:

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